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A lot of you must have noticed that #BirsaMunda is trending on Twitter. But how many of us really know who Birsa Munda was? Very less people from current generation know that Birsa Munda was an Indian tribal freedom fighter. He was also a religious leader and a hero the tribal still remember till date. He belonged to the Munda tribe.

Born in Ulihatu in Bengal on 15th Novemner 1875, Birsa Munda encouraged people to fight against the British Raj. He was also known as ‘Dharti Aaba’ and hence you can also notice #DhartiAaba_Birsamunda trending on the social networking site. He is that Indian freedom fighter whose name students rarely read in the history books in school. He is one of the only tribal leaders whose portrait was installed iin the Indian Parliament.

Birsa Munda had a tremendous influence on the life of people. So much so, that they began to accept him has messenger of God. His system of offering was directed against the church which levied tax.

Birsa Munda also converted to Christianity to join a German school,  however, he left the school when the German and Roman Catholic Christian agitation was at its peak.

Birsa Munda also wanted the tribals to let go off their superstitious beliefs and hence introduced them to prayers. A new faith of, ‘Birsait’ thus began.

Birsa’s followers attacked places loyal to the British and hence, on January 5, 1900 as his followers attacked Khutnti police station, he along with his followers was arrested by British at Jamkopai forest in Chakradharpur on March 3rd, 1900 and it was declared by the British government that Birsa Munda died of cholera in jail on June 9, 1900 in Ranchi.

PS: The Ranchi Airport is named as Birsa Munda Airport. 

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