Viral video, photos of Panther in Nagpur are actually from Pink city!

Calls of panic and various WhatsApp forwards is making the residents believe that a Panther has strayed into the Shankar Nagar area of Nagpur. Nagpur, which is known as the tiger capital is making some news for unusual Tiger sightings in the outskirts of the city. Hence, it was not too hard to believe for the people of Nagpur that a Panther can actually enter the city. A news of sightings of a leopard in the Ambazari backwaters also made it to social media at the beginning of the month.

But, is this video real or fake?

The video is definitely real however, it is being used in the wrong context. The video and the pictures are from the recent incident of a Panther entering the Pink city, Jaipur. According to the latest news though, the Panther was caught by the forest officials on Friday.

According to the PTI report, the big cat was first spotted in a posh residential colony on Takhteshahi Road, situated between JLN Road and Tonk Road, of the Rajasthan capital on Thursday afternoon. A CCTV footage and a few videos showed the leopard entering the residential area.

The videos then went viral, and now are doing rounds in various cities which are closer to the man animal conflict. The people of Nagpur must believe that the pictures and videos are not from the Orange city.

A combination of simple text search and reverse image search would give the results. Following are the images that are attached with the WhatsApp forward.

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