This video is not from Nagpur, but Istanbul!

It is not new to people that parts of Nagpur were hit by hailstorm, however people on various social networking platforms have gone bonkers over the same, resurfacing of old videos to sharing the videos that are not even from the city. Nagpur has seen it all in a few days!

Recently, people were seen sharing this video on WhatsApp group and WhatsApp statuses. Some even went ahead and sent this video to their friends not living in the city claiming that they have shot it. However, this famous video has a great history of being widely shared, where people claim it was shot in Mumbai, the video was also run by Indian news outlet and the fact-checking website, Boomlive also did a thorough fact-check of the same when cyclone Okhi had hit parts of India.

The same video is now being circulated where people are claiming it to be from Nagpur. Along with the truth that it is from Istanbul, here are a few points one must notice:

The car in the video is a left hand drive, which is not found in India.

There are no silver railings in Nagpur as shown in the video.

Number plate of car in the video begins with 34, which is found in Turkey.

Here’s the link of the old fact-check:

And here’s is the link of the original video:

Istanbul was hit by hail storm on 28 July 2017. What is important here is that this video is not even from Nagpur!

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