Nobody is spraying any medicine in the air to kill Covid-19 in Nagpur!

The people are panicking to the next level due to the coronavirus outbreak and Nagpur is not new to the rumours getting out of hand so far now. There are various rumours doing rounds on social media, and we are just overwhelmed at the velocity and creativity of the people.

People are receiving WhatsApp messages, like the one below:

Hello I kindly request you not to come out of your house after 10 pm tonight till tomorrow 5 am… As there will be spraying of medicine in the air in order to kill the COVID-19! Share this information to all your relatives and your families. Thank you.

People have also went a step ahead to update it on their social media profiles and WhatsApp status updates.

WhatsApp status uploads by one of the contacts.

First of all there is no medicine that can ‘kill’ coronavirus as of now. Second of all Nagpur definitely is not doing anything of this kind. Threr is no official press release and people are advised not to forward the same. There are too many WhatsApp forwards and people are believing everything they receive. It is hence, advised people to believe the trusted sources.

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