No, this ‘ambulance video’ is not from Mahal, Nagpur!

A video went viral on Sunday morning on various WhatsApp groups, that stated it was shot in Mahal, Nagpur. When anybody watches it, they would believe it to be true, owing to the similarity of the streets. However, the video is not from Mahal and definitely not from Nagpur.

Here’s a step by step analysis:

  1. The ambulance clearly states it is from Uttar Pradesh..

2. The number plate of the ambulance begins from, ‘UP’.

3. At the end one of the boards of the shop, mentions the address as, ‘Railway Road, Khoya Bazar’ which is in Kanpur, UP.

4. When the video ends, people can see an endless stretch of road which cannot happen in case of streets in Mahal, since one can obviously notice Gandhi Gate if it was shot in the very same lane.

The video is going viral in Nagpur and creating panic. However, it is advised to people to not believe in rumours, especially on WhatsApp unless they come from a trusted source! If one comes across any such post they can send the post to Scoop Monster.

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