No! These pictures are not from Nagpur, they are from Bengaluru

These four pictures are going viral in Nagpur claiming them they are from different parts of the city. The pictures were widely shared on WhatsApp status and Facebook. One of the residents of city, reached out to Scoop Monster for verification of the same. Scoop Monster after verifying these found those to be from Bangalore. The pictures are as follows:

A Google Reverse Image search on the above pictures lead Scoop Monster on the social media profiles from Bangalore. The pictures were trending a couple days back under #Bangalorelockdown and #SpringInBangalore . This was indeed not enough and after further digging into the pictures, it was found that these pictures were featured on a digital portal in a news article.

The article was as follows and was first published on April 16, 2020.

Sharing pictures to sooth the mind is indeed great, however, the credit should not be shared.

In case you come across any such news ahead, do share it with Scoop Monster for verification and shared it further.

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