No, a Sanghi did not admit that there were orders from Amit Shah, PM Modi to beat students!

You watch a 2 minute 20 seconds video with complete focus on Twitter and obviously sort of believe it when you are watching it for the first time. One such example is of the video shared on Twitter, where a man claims that minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered to beat the students at the various universities while they protest.

However, when you watch the video for second time, you realise that the man speaking with so much passion in the video is Harish Mishra. He is former Congress Seva Dal state president. It is amusing to see that his videos are always shared, him claiming to be a BJP member, however, he is a staunch critic of the current government.

The video also mentions as to what BJP would do if you speak against it.

The video shared on Twitter:

There are over 291 retweets on the same and 6.7K views. However, if we browse through the comment section, even a layman will get the identity of this person.

The original video of 19 mins 33 seconds was uploaded from YouTube account, ‘Harish mishra varanasi’ on January 7, 2020 which has over 471 views.

The video that went viral, looks like has been shot from a different angle, probably shot standing behind the anchor. The shared video clip on Twitter starts at around 1 min 24 sec.

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