No, 8th standard student from Nagpur did not test positive for coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak, declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Wednesday, has led over 5000 deaths globally. In Nagpur too, three persons have tested positive. Two days after the first case of coronavirus was identified in city, wife and friend of the 45-year-old man returned from the US last week have also tested positive on Friday. As of Friday, there are now 16 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Maharashtra. As China battled the threat of fake news, India too is not away from the rumour-mongers.
The velocity with which the misinformation is being circulated on the social media is uncontrollable. Nagpur, too has been a witness to the same, which led to district collector, Ravindra Thakre take a note of it.

The most widely circulated news on social media was this,

!!Corona virus in Nagpur
Centre point school!! A girl from 8th standard from centre point school detected positive with corona virus the deadly infection.
Her father after also got positive today morning in the news channel.
Keep your children safe.
Take care Nagpur

The above text was accompanied by this image:

It can be noticed that the matter on the letterhead and that accompanying it has got nothing to do with each other, it is just to spread fear and panic. The information is not authentic and as of 13 March, there are three patients of coronavirus in Nagpur. The first thing that one can easily notice in the post is incorrect grammar.

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