Annie Raja’s picture goes viral as JNU student

The protests by JNU students in Delhi are intensifying and looks like the students are in no mood to give up. Meanwhile, there are certain hashtags that can be seen doing rounds over Twitter, one of them being #JNUFact. People across the country, left, right and and at the center are Tweeting using this hashtag. However, with this hashtag comes a flood of misinformation. There are numerous pictures, old and irrelevant which are making their way into the WhatsApp forwards. Many fact-checkers have already worked on these images and debunked those. But, there is one prominent picture that is still doing rounds on all the social media platforms. The image shared on various Twitter handles and also doing rounds on all the social media website shows, women’s rights activist Annie Raja, being detained by the police. The image was shared with a claim that she is a student of JNU.  

However, those who are in touch with the current affairs would easily identify her and that she was in news early this year. A simple reverse image search will lead a person not only to fact checks done by leading fact-checkers of the country but also on websites of some news organizations carrying the image in May 2019 when 35 people, including Annie Raja were detained for protesting against former CJI  Ranjan Gogoi at Mandi House.  These activists were trying to carry out a protest march against the inquiry procedure adopted in the sexual harassment complaint against CJI Ranjan Gogoi. The news appeared on May 10, 2019.

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